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京都市生まれ。祖父は呉服業界の白生地を扱う商社を営み、両親もフォーマルドレスメーカーを経営するなど代々繊維業界に従事する家庭に育ち、幼い頃より質の高い素材に触れ、慣れ親しむ。武蔵野美術大学卒業後、エスモードジャポンでファンションを学ぶ。その後、ベルギー留学を経て商社で生地の企画・デザイン、総合商社にて海外アパレルブランドの生産管理をし、後にいくつものドレスサロンの立ち上げにも携わり、商品企画や店舗設計などの総合プロデュースを手掛け、その後独立。2010 年ウェディングドレスブランド「ダイアンリージャパン」設立。2011年、青山店をオープンし現在に至る。全国のドレスサロンのオリジナルデザインを手掛け、ドレス以外のオリジナル雑貨も開発している。

Tomoko Yamaguchi/Brand Director of Yuigoromo

Born in Kyoto, Tomoko Yamaguchi experienced the textile industry from a very early age through her family business. This gave her a firm grounding in the area of high quality materials. With her grandfather running a kimono trading company and both parents involved in formal dress-making, it was only a natural step for her to transition into the fashion industry.

After graduating from the Musashino Art University, she immediately started studying fashion at Esmod Japon.  This led her to decide to expand her horizons and study abroad in Belgium. After returning, she took part in material production & design at a trading company, then moved to managing production control at a general trading company specializing in overseas apparel brands. Ms Yamaguchi was also involved in many of openings for dress shops around Japan.

Having obtained experience in product planning, as well as shop designs, this gave her a firm background in overall production.  Ms Yamaguchi went on to set up her own wedding dress brand “DIAN LEE” in 2010. After opening her first dress shop in Aoyama in 2011, her brand was an immediate success.  Ms Yamaguchi continues to design and develop original dresses for many dress shops, along with her original goods, throughout Japan.

八木 隆明 株式会社京都八木 代表取締役社長



Takaaki Yagi/Product Manager of Yuigoromo

Takaaki Yagi was born into a family with 4 generations of order made "Yuzen Somemoto" experience in Kyoto. Through his experience of the whole process of selecting, designing, color arranging and producing pure white material, it came naturally to him to pick up the sensitivity of classical patterns and color schemes. With his father running a Japanese-style wedding dress rental business, he obtained all the experience he needed to know for his business.


After graduating from Doushisha University, majoring in Economics, he joined "Chisou" to increase his knowledge about dyeing. During his time there, he was involved with sales as well as the planning and production for department stores private brand, named "Chisou". He was also in charge of merchandise development for "Wa" (Japanese traditional type) products.


After his father retired, he returned to take over the family business. One of his first achievements was to align with "Chisou" to develop the Kimono Maintenance/Reform division, which became well known to department stores nationwide.


And now, what Takaaki considers his life work, he introduces a bridal brand of wear that is 'styled to our day and times'. The brand is Yuigoromo.


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